Logo Logic


IDRC has had three logos.

While the logo brands IDRC in the world it tends to fade into the background for those who saw it day in and day out on the steady stream of paper that crossed Alumni desks. The logo that ‘means IDRC’ for Alumni is probably the one they saw at the top of the letter of appointment! Or on that note from the office of the President where that could be a mixed blessing!

Does anyone from the ancient past know what one should see in the IDRC logo–an eight-pointed star? A morphing maple? Towers seen from a drone? The program ‘turfs’ of the four original Directors? Does anyone know the true (official or otherwise) logic of its origins?

Alumni may recall the heat generated over the need to  add  ‘Canada’ to the logo, and later the big shift from round and black to square and blue?

No matter under which logo Alumni served, think of the Alumni web site as a way of linking across the generations of colleagues.