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When the request went out for Alumni to suggest projects from the past to be considered for highlighting in the celebration of the Centre’s 50th it came to light that the films produced by the Communication Division in the 1970s -1980s have been archived by Neill McKee, who was in the Communications Division (1975-1987) as the Centre’s filmmaker, producer, scriptwriter, cameraman, editor.

Film Awards

  1. World Health Organization Special Prize for Prescription for Health, best primary health care film, 11th International Festival of Red Cross and Health Films, Bulgaria, June 1985. Also, Best Audiovisual, Information Services Institute, Ottawa, 1983.
  2. Prize of Environmental Council of Government of Czechoslovakia, for Trees of Hope, 13th International Festival of Films and Television Programs of the Environment, Ekofilm ’86. Also, Red Ribbon Award for Environment and Ecology at American Film & Video Festival, 1986.
  3. Silver Screen Award, Medicine and Health, for A Handle on Health, U.S. Industrial Film and Video festival, Chicago 1987.
  4. Honorable Mention for Footholds at 2nd Festival de cine del desarrollo, Colombia 1985.
  5. Honorable Mention for The Mysterious Milkfish, 26th San Francisco International Film Festival, 1983.
  6. Best Audiovisual, Harnessing the Monsoons, Information Services Institute, Ottawa, 1983.
  7. Prix Gestion des Ressources Naturelles for Fish By-Catch: Bonus from the Sea, 9th International Scientific and Technical Film Festival, Brussels, 1982.
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Fish By-Catch
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Bamboo: The Miracle Grass
Rattan, the Hidden Resource
Trees of Plenty
Trees of Hope
Prescription for Health
Rural Health Workers
Panoi, the Village Midwife,
Harvesting the Monsoon
A Handle on Health
A Message from African Healers
Project Impact:The Need
Project Impact:The System
IDRC support for a low cost, durable water pump.
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