How to add entries to the site’s drop-down menus

This page describes how to add an entry to the IDRC alumni website’s drop-down menus. You will have to do this twice: once for the French page and again for English page.

NOTE: The page that you want to add to a drop-down menu must already exist. It is best that it exists in both languages, so that it can be added to the menu in both languages.

To add the page to one of the site’s drop-down menus, proceed as follows:

  1. Make sure that you are in the WordPress, with the Dashboard visible to the left of the screen. (If necessary, click The WordPress 'dashboard' icon in the top WordPress menu.)
  2. Click the 'appearance' button
  3. Click the 'menus' button
  4. Near the top, by the 'select a menu' field, select the menu to edit. In English, this is the Top Menu (Top Menu English) and in French this is the Main menu-French (Top Menu Français). Click the 'select' button.
  5. In the box at the left of the main screen, click the 'pages' option
  6. Click the the 'view all' tab tab.
  7. Select the page to be added to the menu. Note: Since there are many pages on the website, they are not all shown in the scrollable list. You can select parts of the list in the numbered link immediately below the the 'view all' tab tab.
  8. Click the 'add to menu' button.
  9. The item is now added to the menu, shown in the right of the screen, but probably not where you want it. i.e., it is at the bottom of the list. Position it correctly by dragging it up. Also make sure it is at the right level of the menu or sub menu under which you placed it. Drag it to the left or right in this new position to ensure that it is at the correct level.
  10. Click the 'save menu' button.
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