Documentation – Working for English and French

The IDRC Alumni website is bilingual, English and French. All pages must be built in both languages. No page can go “live” until the page has been created in both languages.

Adding a new page in the first language

It does not matter if you start in English or in French.

To create the page, in the dashboard (), hover over , then click . You will get a blank page in which you can insert the page title and contents. On the right of this page, you will also see:

Select the language of the page that you wish to create, and then create the page and save it () when ready.

Adding a new page in the second language

When you are ready to add the page in a second language, select it in the first language for editing. You will see:

Proceed as follows:

  1. copy all the page contents of the first language version
  2. click
  3. paste the first language version contents into the page contents area
  4. enter the page title
  5. edit the page contents
  6. save it () when ready.

Note: You need not perform steps 1 and 3. They are suggested so that you have a model to use with the second language version of the page. This is particularly helpful if there are special features on the page (images, tables, lists, etc.). But you may prefer to work from an empty page (steps 2, 4 and 5).