Documentation – Keeping WordPress up-to-date

The software used to maintain the alumni website, WordPress, goes through regular updates, to fix bugs (including security vulnerabilities) and to add enhancements. You will be notified about updates when you see updates pending notification in the dashboard at the left of the screen. There may be more than one update pending. It is a good idea to update the software whenever you see that one or more updates are available.

Proceed as follows:

  1.  Click updates pending notification.  You will see what updates are required.  In this short discussion, we’ll walk through updating plugins, but similar action may be required to other parts of the software (e.g., WordPress itself). You will see something like
    sample update requirements
  2. Click select all updates.
  3. Click Make the updates.

Repeat this for other types of updates that may be required, until you see that there are no more updates pending. Alternatively, you can make the updates to all sections at the same time.

Violà; the site’s software is fully updated.