Documentation – How to maintain the IDRC Alumni website

This section explains how to maintain the IDRC Alumni Website. It is a bilingual site (English and French), and all pages meant for the public are available in both languages before they are published. Some of this documentation is specific to one language and some is more general. The language specific sections of pages are identified the way countries were colored in the old school atlases of our youth: red for the British Commonwealth (i.e. English website content) and blue for France for its colonial reach (i.e. French website content). There are a number of sections to this documentation. Some are of a general nature, and apply to the complete site (e.g. how to handle images or how to add pages), and some are specific to parts of the website (e.g. the Bulletin pages). The following links will explain this in detail. For the novice maintainer of this site, it is strongly recommended that you read the section General information about maintaining the site completely in the sequence listed.

This documentation is still in its infancy, but will be added to regularly.

General information about maintaining the site

Maintaining specific pages

Maintaining the underlying software

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