Alumni Awards

The history of the IDRC Alumni Award for Young Researchers

Book Grants

With the growth of a modest treasury, thanks to the Alumni dues from 2006 to 2009, the Alumni made book grants of $100 to developing country students supported by IDRC.


In 2007 the Executive wished to align Alumni support with the IDRC’s current programs. Each year the annual gathering of Alumni  honours one of the IDRC’s regional offices and offers an Alumni awards of at least $1,000  matched by IDRC funds to make a useful envelope of funds for an IDRC-supported  young researcher in an IDRC region.

In 2015 the Alumni recast its award as the Rachel DesRosiers Alumni Award to memorialize and honour a respected colleague and generous supporter of the Alumni Award from its inception.

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The David and Ruth Hopper and Ramesh and Pilar Bhatia Canada Fund

In 2017 IDRC Alumni, Pilar and Ramesh Bhatia, marked their admiration for and friendship with David and Ruth Hopper with a generous donation,  managed by IDRC for scholarships for young researchers in India, the Philippines and Canada.

Ramesh and Pilar expressed delight in the Alumni Awards and were in part inspired by these in the design of their gift to the Centre. In addition to the funds for the Batia-Hopper Award awards Ramesh and Pilar  included an annual gift of $250 to the Alumni as a tangible expression of the link with the Alumni’s ongoing support for young researchers.

Alumni Support

From 2003 through 2007 the IDRC Alumni Bulletin was sent only to Alumni paying the annual $20 membership dues. From 2007 all Alumni for whom the Executive have an address receive the Bulletin. Alumni are encouraged to become supporters of the Alumni Award through contributions made annually or over a three-year period:
1 year $25
2 years $45
3 years $65
Cheques: payable to the IDRC Alumni Association.
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Electronic transfer is also possible for Alumni across Canada and in other parts of the world who have Canadian accounts. For details contact Sylvain DuFour:>

Rachel DesRosiers Alumni Award

The David and Ruth Hopper and Ramesh and Pilar Bhatia Canada Fund

Summary IDRC Alumni Research Awards

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